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Veloforte - Energy Chews - Mela (Apple & Cinnamon)

Veloforte - Energy Chews - Mela (Apple & Cinnamon)

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Veloforte Energy Chews - Mela (Apple & Cinnamon)

100% Natural Energy Chew

Veloforte's Energy Chews are soft, fruity and invigoratingly natural.

Big performance, small wonders. Your secret weapon for light speed energy.

For fast reps, endurance sessions or half-time fuelling, you need super fast energy that’s super light and super-naturally motivating. Meet Mela, a rewarding blend of real apple and cinnamon with the purest electrolytes in a deliciously soft melt-in-the-mouth chew.

  • 44g fast-release energy
  • Powerful and light, 0% fat
  • 100% natural, real fruit juices
  • Vegan, gluten free with anti-inflammatory spices
  • Re-balancing natural electrolytes
  • 6 melt-in-the-mouth chews

Performance with substance. Naturally.

When you need big energy fast, think small. Each pack of six delicious soft chews provides 44g of all-natural carbs — twice the energy of a gel — with 33% fewer calories than a bar and 0% fat. Chews give you the biggest boost from the smallest footprint — light on your tummy and in your pocket.

Motivation worth savouring.

Big on flavour and natural nourishment, Mela’s 100% natural ingredients are as smart as they are delicious. Classic apple and cinnamon are a juicy and moreish match made in heaven. Cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory boost alongside the restorative electrolytes of pink Himalayan salt and dried coconut water help you keep your composure no matter how hard you’re pushing.

Lighten up, seriously.

Do more with less. More reps, more speed, more energy. Less bulk, fewer calories and no heaviness. Plus they’re a joy to eat. It’s no wonder that these delightfully rapid chews are fast becoming the fuel of choice for athletes and adventurers alike. Let’s make fuelling fun again.

Super effective, super easy to use...

Getting your fuelling right can make all the difference to your whole day so considering your nutrition before, during & after your sports is essential if you want to avoid the peak & slump of energy levels. 

For sessions lasting more than 90 minutes it's important to start re-fuelling from the start. Eat little & often & keep hydrated. For moderate intensity exercise you should aim to consume 45g-60g carbohydrates per hour - towards 45g for low intensity exercise & increasing to 60g-90g for higher intensity sessions.  

Super light & super powerful, each 50g Mela pack contains 6 small & mighty soft chews that deliver 44g fast release energy - that's twice the carbohydrates as a standard gel & are as energy rich as a whole Veloforte bar but with a third less calories.

Suitable for all sports

Recommended intake: 2 chews every 20 minutes

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