Urinelle - Female Urinary Device

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  • The Urinelle is a paper funnel cone that women can use to urinate while standing.

    Urinelle Female Urinary Device

    Every woman on the planet knows that feeling – a toilet is desperately needed but the seat is not incredibly inviting ... or you're outdoors in the bush and don't fancy squatting in tall grass where insects and prickly vegetation are in abundance.

    Urinelle, offers women of all ages a chance to safely go to the toilet without the need for acrobatics.

    When flat-packed, this product, made from 100% biodegradable, natural materials (meaning it can be simply flushed away after use) is only four inches by seven inches in size, compact enough to store away in a handbag, so it can be taken anywhere with ease.

    Opened up, it forms a cone which can be used to urinate while standing up, thus making life much easier for elderly ladies unable to hover over a seat with their knees part bent, pregnant women or simply any woman not wishing to touch a seat for whatever reason.

    Although it is flushable, the material of the Urinelle is hydrophobic during use, meaning it will repel fluid and keep the user’s hands dry and clean.

    The Urinelle is perfect for camping or hiking out in the wild. Rather than having to find a secluded spot to crouch in, a woman using Urinelle can simply pop behind the nearest bush and stand up doing what needs to be done.

    In such situations, it is of course necessary to carry a bag or plastic container in which to store used cones until they can be safely disposed off. They may be biodegradable, but leaving them under bushes is still not a good idea.



      The first disposable and biodegradable cone through which women can urinate in a standing position.
    • Compact and easy to use and it can flush down the toilet.
    • Excellent for travel and scary bathrooms.
    • Satisfaction Ensured.
    • Great Gift Idea.
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