Unived Whole Food Multivitamin - 60 Capsules

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  • Whole Food Plant Based – Organic blend of Fruits Vegetables & Superfoods

    Unived’s Plant-Based Natural Whole Food Multivitamin is made with all natural ingredients, a multivitamin blend of organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, which give all of the B-vitamins as well as key minerals Magnesium, Zinc, and Sodium, along with plant-based sources of Vitamin D3 (Vitashine, Cholecalciferol from Lichen) Vitamin K2-7 (MenaquinGold K2-7 as MK-7 from fermented Chickpeas), Vitamin A (as Beta-Carotene from Dunaliella salia), and Vitamin E (as α-tocopherol from Soya Oilseed), to make this a complete whole food multivitamin. Unived have also added Piper nigrum, as it plays a positive role in enhancing the bio-availability of the vitamins.

    Unived's Natural Whole Food Multivitamin meets 100% of the recommended daily allowances of almost all vitamins, making one of the purest and best formulations on the market, suitable for both men & women. 

    This Plant-based Whole Food Multivitamin is not just for those who have a vitamin deficiency, it can be used by everyone, to ensure your body is receiving a wholesome and complete supply of all the essential vitamins.

    Key Product Features

    • Plant Based Whole Food source of Vitamins & Minerals
    • Provides 100% RDA of most vitamins
    • Supports energy metabolism, reduces fatigue and improves overall wellness
    • Helps maintain healthy blood flow, cognitive & heart functions
    • Helps promote bone health & boosts immunity and may prevent the risk of health problems associated with vitamin deficiency
    • Organic vitamin sources offer Improved absorption, black pepper extract increase bio-availability
    • More bio-available and bio-active vitamins which have a longer half-life in the body
    • Whole Food Multivitamins ensures natural co-factors are present which aid absorption & utilisation
    • Vegan capsules made with Plant-based Whole Food Multivitamin Blend
    • 1 Month Supply – 60 Vegan Capsules

    Unived Whole Food MultivitaminNutritional Facts

    Unived Plant Based Whole Food Multivitamin NFUnived Natural Whole Food Multivitamin

    • Serving size = 2 Capsules
    • Plant-based Natural Whole Food Multivitamin Blend: (Organic Moringa Powder, Organic Broccoli Powder, Organic Wheat Grass powder, Organic Alfalfa powder, Organic Spinach powder, Organic Asparagus Powder, Organic Carrot Powder, Organic Beetroot Powder, Organic Green Amla Powder, Organic Green Ginger Powder, Organic Mint Leaves Powder, Organic Sweet Potato Powder, Organic Pumpkin Powder, Organic Stevia Leaf Powder)
    • MenaquinGold® (Vitamin K2-7 as MK-7 from fermented Chickpeas)
    • Vitamin A [as Beta-Carotene from Dunaliella salina (3840mcg) and Organic Whole Food Blend (960mcg)]
      Naturall-e™ (Vitamin E as d-Alpha-Tocopherol from Soya Oilseed)
    • Vitashine™ (Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol from Lichen)
    • Piper nigrum Extract
    • Capsule: HPMC vegetarian capsule


    The serving can either be split into two: 1 capsule can be taken after breakfast and 1 after lunch or the entire serving (2 capsules) can be consumed at once. 

    Unived’s Plant-based Whole Food Multivitamins contain both fat soluble as well as water soluble vitamins thus we recommend to take it along with meal for superior absorption.

    Unived Whole Based Multivitamins Bioavailability

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