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    Unived RRUNN Ultra Butter, Coco Vanilla Flavour

    RRUNN Ultra Butter is a liquid food, that is made with raw & wholesome nuts and dried fruit.

    The recipe for Ultra Butter has been designed to replicate the natural carbohydrate:fat:protein (50:27:17) ratio that is found in nuts.

    Ultra Butter provides slow-burning fuel for when you need a food based, consistent source of energy for the long haul, be it on an ultra-marathon, a long hike, a long ride, or any other adventure.

    Packed in a convenient pouch that is easy to carry, along with the ability to open, re-seal, and re-use, Ultra Butter is your ideal companion on the trails, mountains, roads, and even by the rivers! 

    Each sachet has two servings.

    Nutrition per serving (2 tbs / 32g):

    • Calories - 200
    • Fat - 16g
    • Carbs - 9g
    • Protein - 5g
    • Sodium - 30mg




    Peanut Butter (Peanuts), Cashews, Virgin Coconut Oil, Dried Coconut, Pea Protein, Dates, Himalayan Pink Salt, Cocoa Powder, Artificial Creamy Vanilla Flavor

    *Allergens: Contains Peanuts, Cashews, Coconut

    CARBS, PROTEIN, & HEALTHY FATS: Formulated to mimic the natural Fa:Carbohydrate:Protein ratio found in dry fruits, providing you with boundless energy to burn. 


    • 9g carbs per serving.
    • 5g protein per serving.
    • 16g healthy fats per serving.

    CONVENIENT & EASY-TO-CARRY: Packed in a small portable packets for easy carrying on-the-go. 

    VEGAN FRIENDLY: 100% gluten-free, dairy free, and soy free. There are no preservatives and no added sugar, too! 



    Suggested Use

    Consume directly or spread it on bread or fruits. Each packet should be consumed within one month of opening for maximum freshness. Knead before use. 


    *Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration not required. 


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