Unived Ovegha - Plant-Based Omega-3 DHA - 60 Capsules

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  • Unived Ovegha, Algae Oil Omega-3 DHA, 60 Capsules

    Ovegha offers 400mg pure vegetarian & vegan DHA per serving. It is sourced from non-genetically modified microalgae. Ovegha is free of ocean borne contaminants found in fish oil.


    Microalgae Oil, Annatto Color, Turmeric Color, HMPC Vegetarian Capsule

    Available in a bottle of 60 capsules.

    BRAIN HEALTH SUPPORT – Unived's omega 3 formula contains DHA, which is known to support cognitive functions to keep you feeling at your very best. DHA is of near absolute necessity for the development of the sensory, perceptual, cognitive and motor neural systems. 

    NATURAL HEART SUPPLEMENT – This Vegan Omega 3 supplement naturally encourages healthy heart functions to promote wellness, vitality, and longevity for men and women. DHA has been credited with being a key component of the heart. It helps maintain normal triglyceride levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. 

    EYE SUPPORT – Omega 3 DHA is the most important PUFA supporting the function of the and eyes. DHA comprises 93% of omega-3 in the retina. This vegan DHA can support you in visual development and visual function throughout your life. 

    PACKED WITH MORE DHA – One must ensure that the correct amount is consumed from the correct source. Omega-3 DHA derived from vegan algae or algal oil is the correct source as it is the primary source, and is pure, vegan, and free of ocean borne contaminants. One capsule of OVEGHA delivers 200mg vegan omega-3 DHA – an adequate dose for children. Two capsules of OVEGHA deliver 400mg of pure omega-3 DHA – an adequate dose for adults. Free of allergens associated with fish oil. 

    SAFE FOR CHILDREN, PREGNANT & NURSING WOMEN – It can be used as a prenatal supplement and it is completely safe for children. Omega 3 DHA is widely acknowledged as beneficial for pregnant women and their babies. In fact, it is vital for the development of their brain and eyes. 

    Suggested Use

    As a dietary supplement, adults take 2 capsules daily.  


    *Do not exceed the recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult  a physician before using this or any  dietary supplement.

    *Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight & moisture. Keep out of reach of children.

    **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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