Trail Rex Gaiters - Dalmatian

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  • Trail Rex Gaiters are designed to be both fun and functional!

    Keep dirt out while showing a little of your wild side ..

    These gaiters fit well on almost any shoe, and work easily with the Altra Gaiter Trap.

    They're designed to be secured at the front of your shoe with the hook (on the shoelace) and at the back with a self-adhesive velcro strip.

    Attaching the velcro strip:

    1. Your shoes must be clean and dry .The spot where you will place the Velcro must be smooth.

    2. Cut a 7-10 cm strip of of the self-adhesive Velcro strip for each shoe.

    3. Attach it to the back heel of the shoe. Allow 12 to 24 hours for the strip to reach maximum adhesiveness.

    If your shoes are dirty, or have a groove in the heel, the strip may not adhere securely. Epoxy-based glues can be used to remedy this. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using glue.

    If the heel of your shoe where the velcro should go has a very uneven surface, making it hard for the velcro to stick, we also recommend stapling the velcro into the foam part of the heel, a little lower down.
    SMALL: Women's US 5 - 9, Men's US 6 - 9
    MEDIUM: Women's US 9.5 -11, Men's shoe size 9 - 12

    Now you're ready to kick some dirt!

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