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RUNNER by Lizzy Hawker

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    All proceeds will be donated to the fund for Nepali trail running athletes so that they can compete internationally and become advocates of the value of sport (discipline, challenge, opportunity) to a generation of boys and girls in Nepal. Nepal is a country where even one opportunity can be a catalyst for wider change.

    Runner: A short story about a long run

    From a school girl running the streets of London to a world record-breaking athlete racing on mountains and toughest races, long-distance runner Lizzy Hawker is an inspiration to anyone who would like to see how far they can go, running or not. This is the complete story of Lizzy’s journey, uncovering the physical, mental and emotional challenges that runners go through at the edge of human endurance.

    Scared witless and surrounded by a sea of people, Lizzy Hawker stands in the church square at the centre of Chamonix on a late August evening, waiting for the start of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. The mountains towering over the pack of runners promise a grueling 8,600 metres of ascent and descent over 158 kilometres of challenging terrain that will test the feet, legs, heart and mind. These nervous moments before the race signal not just the beginning of nearly twenty-seven hours of effort that saw Lizzy finish as first woman, but the start of the career of one of Britain’s most successful endurance athletes.

    She went on to become the 100km Women’s World Champion, win the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc an unprecedented five times, hold the world record for 24 hours road running and become the first woman to stand on the overall winners’ podium at Spartathlon. Lizzy’s remarkable spirit was recognised in 2013 when she was a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.


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