Revvies - Energy Strips - Cola Lemon Spark 100mg Caffeine Extra Strength - Pack of 5

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  • Fast Facts

    • There is 100 mg of caffeine in each strip.
    • Delivers a fast physical and mental boost when you need it.
    • Dissolving on the tongue in just seconds.
    • Can be taken without water.
    • Allows caffeine intake to be managed separately from carbohydrates and fluids.


    Revvies Extra Strength Cola Lemon 100mg strips provide a powerful, great tasting, fast, convenient, sugar-free way to do energy.

    These strips are designed for those that need a bigger hit to get going, each strip contains 100mg of caffeine (approx. 1 x espresso or 1.25 x energy drink 250ml can). 

    Each pack contains five cola and lemon strips.

    Revvies are used by professional runners, triathletes and sports teams to achieve optimal performance in training and on race and game day.

    The caffeine in Revvies will help you maintain focus and allow you to train and race at peak performance for longer by masking feelings of fatigue.

    With regular consumption (1-2 strips prior to exercise, then one strip every 45 - 60 minutes of exercise), Revvies Energy Strips will help you to burst through your barriers and concentrate on meeting your fitness, training and racing goals.

    Accredited through the Informed-Sport quality assurance program, users can have peace of mind that every batch of Revvies is independently tested for purity before going on sale. 

    Not suitable for those sensitive to caffeine and use only as directed.

    "I love Revvies...Fast, convenient and easy on my stomach."

     Eloise Wellings, Dual Olympian and 9 x National Champion.



    'I recommend Revvies. They do what they say - a fast, convenient boost. Perfect before and during a run."

    Eloise Wellings, Australian Dual Olympic Middle Distance Runner


    “What a fantastic product and convenient way to get a measured/safe amount of quality caffeine before a race.”

    Jessica Trengove, Australian Dual Olympic Marathon Runner

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