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Recovery Systems Arm Cuff for BLUE MAX RS-002

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  • Active Compression Therapy for Athletes

    Recovery Systems “Blue Max” RS002 is Active Compression Therapy for Healthcare Professionals and Athletes.  


    Fresher, Faster, Better - 

    “Blue Max” works by increasing circulation, accelerates removal of metabolic waste and speeds up muscle repair from training and competition far faster than rest or massage alone. 

    Train, Recover, Improve - 

    Arm cuffs accelerate recovery for athletes such as swimmers, Crossfitters and strength lifters.

    MAXIMUM recommended pressure when using arm cuffs is 140 mmHg. If in doubt, start low and increase gradually. Consult your doctor if you suffer from high blood pressure or circulatory disease before use.

      The arm cuffs are compatible with the BLUE MAX RS-002 system only.

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