rabbit Welcome To The Gun Show Perf ICE - Rosin - Men's

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  • rabbit Welcome To The Gun Show Perf ICE - Rosin - Men's

    So, you've spent hours in the gym perfecting the muscles most useless to running? You might as well show them off!

    rabbit have amped up the tech in your favourite tank. This tank is made with new  quick n' fit ICE fabric. What makes quick n’ fit ICE so special is the nylon content is comprised of a sustainable nylon called, ice-cafe nylon. Get this, it’s made from recycled coffee grounds. It’s not only sustainable, but will also cool your skin temperature 1 to 2 degrees celsius once you start sweating and the fabric gets wet. 

    Then they took it a step further. To keep you even cooler while you’re running, it's perf’d, that’s a technical term for making little tiny holes, out the fabric for maximum breathability. And last but not least, quick n’ fit ICE helps control odour.

    So, quick n’ fit ICE is made from a sustainable nylon that uses recycled coffee grounds. The magical combo keeps you cool, dry, and reduces odour. Now, that’s science, baby!

    * Due to the recycled coffee grounds used in our sustainable nylon, quick n' fit ICE, friction created from some hydration vests may cause the fabric to pill. *

    - quick n' fit ICE is made of a magical combination of 38% ice-cafe nylon (which is also recycled nylon), 19% nylon, 29% polyester and 14% spandex
    - Super lightweight & quick drying
    - Tailored fit (also known as not boxy or fussy)
    - Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, don't bleach, mmkay?
    - Crafted in California


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