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  • Nuria Picas' favourite race food!

    Gatosport is the best breakfast or replacement meal your body can have before starting an effort or on a full-day competition.

    Its high digestibility has proven to make wonders on providing athletes with the appropriate energy intake without the inconvenients of a long digestion.

    Specially conceived to meet athletes' needs, Gatosport can be consumed only an hour before the start of the effort compared to an ordinary meal which generally requires about 7 hours for complete digestion!

    Gatosport constitutes the entire breakfast.

    Easily prepared, Gatosport can be stored overnight for breakfast or frozen for your next competition.


    • High efficiency pre-competitive sports cake
    • Progressive energy (around 500 kcal per portion)
    • Easily digested
    • 1/3 to 1/2 of Gatosport and nothing else is enough to create the optimum energy conditions for intense effort.
    • Easy to prepare and use.



    • Pour the contents of the box of Gatosport, add 1/4 liter of water, mix everything and pour the contents into a dish 25 cm in diameter. Bake 30 to 40 minutes at 180/200 ° C
    • Gatosport can be prepared up to 3 days before use and stored in a food film, with unused portions frozen after cooking (never refreeze thawed food).





      Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, bread preparation (wheat flour, wheat gluten, lactose and milk proteins, salt, enzymes), milk chocolate chips 8% (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa, whey powder (milk), skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: lecithins (soy), natural flavor of vanilla), vegetable fat (refined rape seed oil, glucose syrup, caseinates (milk), stabilizer: triphosphates, anti-caking agent 6% (pecan 63%, sugar, icing sugar (anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide), coating agent (silicon dioxide, natural flavor) (milk), cereals (rice, wheat, barley) : gum arabic, caramelized glucose syrup), cocoa powder 5%, wheat germ, flavorings, leavening agent: sodium carbonates, maltodextrins, vitamin B1 (thiamine).


      Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, bread mix (wheat flour, wheat glutenlactose and milk proteins, salt, enzymes), salted butter caramel 13% (sugar, glucose syrup, sweetened condensed milk, salted butter 20%), cereals (rice, wheatbarley), vegetable fat (refined rape oil, glucose syrup, caseinates (milk), stabilising agent: triphosphates, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, natural flavouring), wheat germ, flavouring, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, salt, maltodextrins, tricalcium phosphate, zinc oxide, vitamin B1 (thiamine). 


      Ingredients: Wheat flour, bread preparation (wheat flour, wheat glutenlactose and milk proteins, salt, enzymes), maltodextrin, black olives 6% (black olives, salt, preservative agent: acetic acid), vegetable fat (refined rapeseed oil, glucose syrup, caseinates (milk), stabilizing agent: triphosphates, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, natural flavouring), tomatoes 4%, powdered whole egg, starch, wheat germ, powdered egg white, raising agent: sodium carbonate, flavouring, salt, tricalcium phosphate, zinc oxide, vitamins B6 and B1(thiamin).

      Made in a factory that uses: soya, nuts, celery, sulphites. 

      Nutritional Analysis For 100 g * For 1 part (133 g) *
      Energy kcal / kJ 394 kcal / 1662 kJ at 414 kcal / 1742 kJ 524 kcal / 2210 kJ to 551 kcal / 2317 kJ
      Fat 6.7 g to 11 g 8.9 g to 15 g
      of which saturates 0.5 g to 5 g 0.7 g to 7 g
      carbohydrates 64 g to 73.2 g 85 g to 97.4 g
      with sugar 31.4 g to 41.4 g 41.8 g to 55 g
      protein 9 g to 12 g 12 g to 16 g
      Salt 0.41 g to 1.2 g 0.55 g to 1.6 g
      Sodium 368 mg to 470 mg 489 mg to 625 mg
      Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 1 mg (91% **) 1.3 mg (118% **)
      * = according to aroma
      ** VNR = reference nutritional values



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