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Orange Mud Arm Cooler

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  • Want to cool yourself off on a run or ride?

    Or would you like to pack a gel or two, or maybe a phone on your arm to run or ride with minimal gear? 

    Check out the Arm Cooler!

    With two pockets, one on the bicep and one on the forearm, you can load in ice in a race situation to keep you cool. We often run with them on the inside of our arm to transfer cooling directly to your blood flow, but you can put them on the outside too! Gels or empty gels are great, and the forearm pocket fits an iPhone 8 very well as pictured below. Oh yeah, they work great as arm warmers too!

    Price is for a pair.

    UPF50+ protection.

    Material: 82% Polyester / 18% Elastane

    Colour: Black 

    Sizing: M

    Medium is for a 12" to 14" bicep .

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