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NNormal - Race T-Shirt - Print - Men's

NNormal - Race T-Shirt - Print - Men's

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NNormal - Race T-Shirt - Print - Men's

T-Shirt for man | Lightweight | Durable | High recycled content

Revolutionise your run with NNormal's upgraded Race T-Shirt, now crafted from superior recycled materials for unmatched breathability and lightness. This eco-friendly, slim-fit design outperforms its predecessors, offering a comfortable, one-size-larger fit that's perfect for any distance and goal.

This lightweight, low-impact print T-Shirt is designed to be worn relentlessly. Made to forge new paths. Designed to leave no trace. The Race T-Shirt is true to NNormal's dream of being as gentle to the planet as possible. Made from up to 90% recycled material, it’s as lightweight and durable as you could hope for. Whatever your distance, whatever you goals – welcome to your new favourite T.

Made in Lithuania by Audimas Supply


Fit: one size bigger (recommend choosing one size larger than usual)

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