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NNormal - Merino Socks - Blue

NNormal - Merino Socks - Blue

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NNormal - Merino Socks - Blue

NNormal’s Merino Wool Socks keeps your temperature regulated. Helps feet breathe. Feels incredible. Helps prevent odour. And, best of all: it grows on trees. Wait, we mean sheep. Which makes it better for the planet than artificial fabrics.

Naturally as comfortable, quick-drying and breathable as socks get. Thanks to that Merino magic.

Merino Supremo High Performance Socks

NNormal’s mid-cut Merino Socks’ built-in rib structure supports your feet around the arch and Achilles. And the wool fibre is combined with an innovative mesh that regulates temperature, even when you’re working hard.

Fewer Socks, More Adventure

Everyone needs two socks at a time. But NNormal believes you shouldn’t be buying multiple pairs of socks throughout the year. As well as being made for all-year, multi-condition wear, NNormal's socks are very durable. Buy less--explore more.

NNormal's commitments to transparency 

  • Made in Spain by MLS Textiles
  • 46% Merino wool | 39% polyamide | 15% elastane
  • Mulesing-free Merino wool from South-America
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