New-HALE AKT (Athletic Kinesiology Tape ) 5m

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  • The Choice of Athletes Who Want to Perform at Their Highest Potential

    New-HALE athletic tape is one of Japan's top brands, used by runners, climbers, and many other high-performance athletes with great success.

    As a Kinesiology tape, New-HALE AKT is gentle on the skin and provides reliable support where needed.   

    With a stretch ratio of approximately 60% and Lycra's excellent elongation recoverability, New-Hale AKT lends itself well to all sorts of muscular taping requirements.   

    By combining both Lycra and cotton, New-HALE AKT achieves high elasticity, stretch recovery, and retention, and has a soft cotton texture against the skin. New-HALE uses superior material in true Japanese fashion, to achieve excellent elasticity, high performance with minimal irritation to the skin.

    Made from - 
    Tape: New Hale AKT (Cotton 97%, Polyurethane 3%)

    Adhesive: Acrylic resin 

    Rolled paper: Paper 

    Tape width: 5cm

    Tape length: 5m


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