Milestone Original Cap MSC-015

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  • Commitment to the milestone original cap series

     MSC-015, a new specification of the large standard MSC-013 of the milestone original cap series. The soft colouring makes it a design that both men and women can wear. In addition, a new one-point logo and "LIGHTING YOUR WAY" are embroidered on the back of the brim.


    • COOLEVER - water-absorbing quick-drying material, sweat-absorbing
    • WIRED BRIM - wire built into the brim 
    • ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM - adjustable size 
    • BODY: NYLON 75% POLYESTER 25%  
    • MESH: POLYESTER 100% 
    • SIZE: Approximately 56.5 to 59.5cm



    As indicated on the tag inside the cap, we recommend "hand washing" and "flat drying in the shade" to prevent the shape from getting out of shape.

    Also, please note that even if the size is the same, the feeling of suffering due to the material of the fabric (hard, soft, thin, thick, etc.) will be slightly different.

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