Milestone MS-H1 Headlamp

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  • MS-H1 / Hybrid Model Cool
    Hybrid model cool (rechargeable battery / dry battery combined model: white LED)

    A convenient 2-way battery model that can be used in both lithium and dry batteries.

    The sports range is the first in the series to collect light, so it can be illuminated farther away. A reflector is used for wide lighting to ensure the clarity of the feet.

    In order to pursue clarity, "white LED" is used for spot and wide illumination.

    Colour: LT Lettuce

    Brightness: Approximately 530 lumens 

    Led: Spot & flood:Spot & Wide: cool white color

    Battery used: MS-LB2 or AAA alkaline battery ✕ 3 pcs / 3 pcs of AAA

    Battery life / runtime:
    Approximately 160 hours (when wide 5% / when using alkaline batteries) / 160 hrs (wide 5%)

    Waterproof function: IPX4 (jet-proof type)

    Irradiation distance / beam distance: About 140m

    Size: Width 57 ✕ Height 42 ✕ Depth ✕ 33 mm

    Weight: Approximately 65g (including dedicated lithium battery)

    Attachment: MS-LB2 (dedicated lithium battery) USB cable

    Feature: Rechargeable battery / dry battery combined model / 2 way battery system
    Stepless adjustment function / dimming function

    Dimming memory / brightness memory function:
    Spot irradiation (about 40 °) & wide irradiation (about 100 °) / spot 40 ° & flood 100 °

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