Meltonic Tonic'Gel - Organic Ultra Endurance Honey Gel RefillBulk Gel Refill

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  • 250g packs of your favorite Meltonic Tonic'Gels. One pack = 12.5 gels.

     Use them to fill one of our eco gel flasks, or as is! Cut down on trail trash without the hassle of remembering where the trash pocket is!

    Endurance TONIC'Gel : ideal during effort

    Our endurance energy gel contributes to support the energy level.This energy gel is made with acacia honey, tonic plants and essential oil & it is gluten and glucose syrup free. Simple, natural & efficient, the endurance energy gel allows you to keep your rhythm during the effort. Flexible, useful and ecological stick.


    Made with natural ingredients :

    • Organic acacia honey : moderate Glycemic index (GI) for a progessive energy during exercise
    • Ginseng : well known to maintain optimal endurance maximize the energy, physical and mental well-being.
    • Organic royal jelly : rich in amino acids , B3 and B3 vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
    • Sweet orange essential oil : subtle and fruity fragrance
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