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  • 250g packs of your favorite Meltonic Tonic'Gels. One pack = 12.5 gels.

     Use them to fill one of our eco gel flasks, or as is! Cut down on trail trash without the hassle of remembering where the trash pocket is!

    Honey, royal jelly & mint

    Fresh energy gel* contributes to support the energy level during the effort. The fresh energy gel is gluten and glucose syrup free, it's composed of organic acacia honey, lemon juice, royal jelly, Green propolis liquid extract and peppermint essential oil. Peppermint will be your ally during long efforts or by hot temperatures thanks to its refreshing power. Honey and royal jelly will bring a progressive energy and help to optimize the endurance during effort.



    • Acacia honey* 87,4%
    • Lemon juice*
    • Royal jelly* 2,5%
    • Liquid Amazonian green propolis extract 2%
    • Peppermint essential oil* 0,1%
    • extrait liquide de propolis verte-echinacée

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