Meltonic Tonic'Gel - Organic Antioxydant Honey Gel Refill

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  • 250g packs of your favorite Meltonic Tonic'Gels. One pack = 12.5 gels.

     Use them to fill one of our eco gel flasks, or as is! Cut down on trail trash without the hassle of remembering where the trash pocket is!

    Antioxydant energy gel : ideal during an effort

    This antioxydant energy gel contributes to reduce fatigue and to improve the oxygenation of the muscles. This energy gel is made with acacia honey, tonic plants & essential oils. It is also gluten and syrup glucose free. It has a fruity taste thanks to the lemon essential oil. Flexible, useful and ecological stick.

    Our energy gel is madee with :

    • Organic acacia honey* : moderate Glycemic index (GI) for a progessive energy during exercise.
    • Sprirulina : seaweed naturally rich in iron and protein.
    • Acerola : fruit source of vitamin C that contributes to the energy metobolism, reduce fatigue, protect against oxidative stress, and increase iron's spirulina absorption.
    • Lime essential oil : for freshness notes.
    • Lemon juice*
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