Meltonic Tonic'Gel - Organic Antioxydant Honey Energy Gel

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  • Antioxydant energy gel : ideal during an effort

    This antioxydant energy gel contributes to reduce fatigue and to improve the oxygenation of the muscles. This energy gel is made with acacia honey, tonic plants & essential oils. It is also gluten and syrup glucose free. It has a fruity taste thanks to the lemon essential oil. Flexible, useful and ecological stick.

    Our energy gel is madee with :

    • Organic acacia honey* : moderate Glycemic index (GI) for a progessive energy during exercise.
    • Sprirulina : seaweed naturally rich in iron and protein.
    • Acerola : fruit source of vitamin C that contributes to the energy metobolism, reduce fatigue, protect against oxidative stress, and increase iron's spirulina absorption.
    • Lime essential oil : for freshness notes.
    • Lemon juice*
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