Meltonic Tonic'Barre Organic Honey Energy Bar - Honey and Figs

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    The orange blossom honey is a true nature gift, that radiate south and sun. Highly appreciated for its sweet and fruity taste ! Innovative and tasty, our energy honey & figs bar combines 25g of gustatory pleasure and energy 92.8kcal.

    Only good ingredients :

    •  Fig : riche in fibers and minerals source , this fruit is an energy mass which facilitated the digestive process.
    • Spelt (2): Qualified as "cereal caviar", poor in gluten, it helps the digestion thanks to its magnesium, B vitamins and essential amino acids which it contains.
    • Organic Royal Jelly*: Rich in amino acids and trace elements. Real Natural Treasure, it is well known as one of the most efficient natural tonifying.

    *Ingredients from organic farming 2) Contains gluten and nut. Potential traces of soya and lactose.

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