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  • Soft, dense and tasty, our orange tree honey (sun nectar) & APRICOT PINEAPPLE BANANA energy bar is appreciated for its delicate and fruity taste. this energy bar of 25g will give you a gustatory pleasure and 87.4 Kcal of energy.

    Only good ingredient :

    • Apricot:Renowned for its wealth in A vitamin, antioxidantes properties and minerals: potassium. This fruit is ideal for the recovery.
    • Pineapple: Vitamins and minerals source. It participates to the amino acids integration and relieves the pain.
    • Banana: Very energetic exotic fruit, with high density in minerals (potassium) and vitamins.
    • Almond: renowned for its wealth in E vitamin and in minerals (calcium, magnesium... ) This nut helps the sporty's recovery.
    • Spelt (2): Qualified as "cereal caviar", poor in gluten, it helps the digestion thanks to its magnesium, B vitamins and essential amino acids which it contains.
    • Organic Royal Jelly*: Rich in amino acids and trace elements.
    • Real Natural Treasure, it is weel known as one of the most efficient natural tonifying.

    *Ingredients from organic farming
    2) Contains gluten and nut. Potential traces of soya and lactose.

    Dextrose, apricot pasta 24%, almond powder 10%, spelt flakes 10%, pineapple cube ( pineapple and sugar) 10%, dry banana (banana and rice floor) 10%, orange tree honey 6%, organic royal jelly 0.3%; Potential traces of soya and lactose

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