Knockaround Premiums - Pizza (Limited Edition)

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    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…you’ll now have the perfect shades for it.

    All you pizza-lovers out there, we cooked up a pair of sunglasses and they’re piping hot! The new Limited Edition Pizza Premiums will absolutely top off your crusty craving. Whether you’re into New York, deep-dish, or Neapolitan—doesn’t matter, these shades satisfy any style or taste.

    Put your order in fast and we’ll do the rest. These pies are always delivered fresh, guaranteed!

    The Pizza Premiums feature a translucent golden crust frame tossed with your favorite fresh ingredients, we’re talkin’ pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and bell peppers! These real-life, pie in the sky shades are topped off with crispy white K logos, and polarized oven-hot red lenses with a cheesy slice lens etch.

    Designed using our best-selling frame style, the Premiums are form-fitting, universally flattering and provide full UV400-sun protection.

    Every pair comes in a faux-insulated, delivery bag pouch, with a pizza magnet and hand-numbered edition card, which is all freshly packaged in a custom, carry-out pizza box. It’s not delivery, it’s Knockaround!

    • Translucent golden crust frame tossed with fresh ingredients
    • Polarized oven-hot red lenses
    • Cheesy slice lens etch
    • Crispy white K logos
    • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with full UV400 protection
    • Faux-insulated delivery bag protective pouch
    • Includes pizza magnet and custom carry-out pizza box

    Knockaround Premiums provide a slightly wider and more accommodating fit than the Classics, making them a perfect fit for most face sizes and shapes.

    Lens Width 51 mm
    Lens Height 44 mm
    Nose Bridge 18 mm
    Arm Length 143 mm

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