Kembara Meal - Chicken Masak Merah with Tomato Rice (With Food Warmer)

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  • Deep fried chicken cooked in a thick spicy, sweet sourish sauce made of a flavorful spice paste and serve with fragrant tomato rice.

    180g Tomato Rice

    130g Chicken Masak Merah

    1x pack of KEMBARA Food Warmer

    1x set of Plate & Heavy Duty Spoon

    Self-Heating Meal

    1. Open KEMBARA bag and remove all contents
    2. Tear KEMBARA food warmer plastic and insert food warmer pad into KEMBARA bag
    3. Insert food pouch. Ensure food warmer pad stays on bottom
    4. Add 200ml of any liquid (to FILL LINE). Quickly seal bag. Let stand for 7-10 minutes
    5. Carefully remove food pouch, tear and enjoy your hot meal!

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