Fixing Your Feet: Injury Prevention and Treatments for Athletes by John Vonhof

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  • This sixth edition has an important new chapter, 'Blister Prevention: The New Paradigm'. It contains new findings on blister formation and introduces the concept of shear, which in turn changes the way we look at blister prevention. In addition, there are updates and changes throughout every chapter, including coverage of new products and new techniques.

    "Now in its sixth edition, Fixing Your Feet cements its position as 'the bible' for active people of all persuasions. With information on almost every foot care product that exists, his book is a worldwide favourite on the subject for a reason. John uses his vast experience in managing feet in race situations and talking to runners about their experience to provide valuable practical advice in an easy to understand format. If you're interested in looking after your feet better, so you can enjoy your running and achieve to your potential, this book is required reading and an essential piece of your kit.

    Treat your feet well and the sky is the limit. ignore or mistreat them and they'll provide an unending mental and physical strain that will threaten not only your result, but also your very ability to finish."
    Rebecca Rushton BSc (Pod)
    Australian Multiday Ultramarathon Foot-Care Specialist

    6th edition, 2016
    37447 pages
    6″ x 9″
    Published by Wilderness Press
    1st edition 1997, 2nd edition 2000, 3rd edition 2004, 4th edition 2006, 5th edition 2011

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