CrampFix Mouth Spray - Sour Cherry Flavour

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  • CrampFix® Mouth Spray 30mL Bottle

    Sour Cherry Flavour

    Oral Spray Bottle for non-exercise related muscle cramps and was specially developed for people that suffer from nighttime cramps.

    Just spray 4+ times in the mouth to relieve and/or prevent muscle cramps within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.


    Spray 4 times in the mouth to stop cramp. Repeat if necessary.

    Alternatively, consume 10mL of CrampFix® Oral Spray.

    Contains 60 serves.


    • Made in Australia to HACCP quality safety standards.
    • All natural, no additives, no preservatives, no chemicals, no colours
    • Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Caffeine Free
    • Informed Sport Accredited
    • Every batch is tested for banned substances for athletes’ assurance.
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