Ciele & Soleil - ADTShirt - Men's

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  • Ciele & Soleil - ADTShirt - Men's

    A heavyweight T for sun protection and built for those days that bleed into nights and the weekend too. A mix of recycled cotton and recycled polyester to bring some cooling and wicking. cut boxy and loose for more breeze. Made in Canada.

    soleil & ciele is a limited edition capsule for long weekends, holidays, festivals and social runs with friends through the city with a meet up point for beers or your post-run beverage of choice.

    A celebration of the summer sun and all the good it brings--or Singapore's perpetual summer--this capsule is ready for long runs ending at the public pool.

    This is the ciele athletics men's not so basic t-shirt. Wear it every day but race day.

    Details, details

    • 50% cotton and 50% recycled polyester knit
    • Flatlock stitching for comfort
    • Water based performance driven breathable printed graphics
    • Machine washable
    • Weight 187g
    • Designed for people who run
    • Made in Canada

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