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  • Recovery Socks (ProRecup)

    PRORECUP® ELITE RECOVERY SOCK is a Support-compression sock which combines the intelligent textile technicity and scientific validations from BV SPORT patent.




    The new ProRecup elite recovery sock has been designed with booster elite design.

    Sober, light and comfortable, this new product has the BV SPORT selective compression and allows fast and efficient elimination of toxins.

    Reference of the BV SPORT’s range since 1998 and without doubts the most technical, this recovery sock has been manufactured with a specific knit and support pressures which have been monitored on top class athletes for the past years. More than 6000 top class athletes and professional players wear this sock; and the number of users is increasing everyday.

    The support-compression effect adjusted to the calf which is a truly vascular and muscular sponge, allows a quickly elimination of the venous blood poorly oxygenated and filled of toxins (lactic acid, CO2).

    Your muscle fibers, tendons and ligament will be supplied very quickly in oxygenated blood allowing you to recover in the best time in order to continue with the trainings and competitions in excellent conditions. It must be brought as soon as possible after each effort (drive, match, and competition) during 2 hours minimum.

    The PRORECUP ELITE use can be superior, especially during physical preparations or after long efforts when the recovery is even more necessary. The PRORECUP ELITE range is the indispensable complement to other recovery techniques by extending their beneficial effects (massages, stretching, electro stimulation, therapy pressure)



    ·       POLYAMIDE 80%

    ·       ELASTANE 20%




    The new ProRecup Elite range should be worn as soon as possible after any physical exertion (training, matches, competitions) for at least 2 hours.



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