BV Sport Booster Elite Calf Compression

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  • The BOOSTER was created in 2003 in collaboration with the French Track and Field 4×100 Relay Team and the BV SPORT research and Development Centre. The product is the result of exertion-specific manufacturing technology.

    The Booster encourages the vertical movement of the leg muscles and soleus by reducing oscillatory movement, the source of fatigue and muscular injuries. Moreover, the BOOSTER reduces muscular vibration and improves the contraction and toning of muscles.

    The progressive compression BV SPORT patent improves venous return and promotes the oxygenation of muscles, tendons and ligaments during physical exertion, thus optimising athletic performance.

    Polyamide:  69%
    Elastane:  21%
    Thread (ceramic): 10%

    The BOOSTER Elite compression sleeve is the result of 2 years of research and packs 5 technical and scientific innovations into just 25 grams of next-generation material.It combines the latest smart textiles innovations with the countless BV SPORT® scientific studies and tests.

    The targeted and adapted pressure on the calf area, known as selective compression, speeds up the elimination of toxins, while limiting extraneous oscillatory movements and vibrations, which cause fatigue and muscle damage.
    Worn solely during exercise, BOOSTER Elite raises the fatigue threshold, enhances performance and reduces the risk of injury.



    ·       Use only during effort.

    ·       This is an asymmetric sock. The BVSPORT LOGO should be in front, under the kneecap. The Booster logo should be outside (external side of the calf).

    ·       During the recovery phases (during your trips in car, bus, train, flight or sleeping), it's preferable to use PRORECUP ELITE during the recovery phases.

    Washing machine at 30° maximum or by hand. Dry naturally. No tumble dryer.



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