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  • The AUTHENTIC BAR from OVERSTIM.s is a whopping 65g energy bar packed with great tasting, healthy ingredients!

    Ideal for supporting you during sustained activity, the AUTHENTIC energy BAR will also be perfect for leisure activities.

    The AUTHENTIC BAR energy bar completes the action of OVERSTIM.s drinks and gels and is consumed at regular intervals during training.


    Rice syrup, oat flakes 15.4%, soya flour, peanuts 8.2%, cane sugar, soya granules, dates, soya crisps (soya protein, rice flour, barley malt extract, salt), soya crisp (soya protein, low cocoa, tapioca starch), almonds 3.1%, hazelnuts 2%, banana 2%, apple-pear concentrate, flavours, salt, zinc gluconate, vitamin B1(thiamin). Made in a factory that uses: sesame and products thereof.


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