Overstim.s Antioxydant Malto Sticks - Box of 20 sticks

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    • Carbo-loading for increased energy stocks
    • Contributes to normal muscle function
    • Non-acidic (causes neither heartburns nor digestive problems)

    Now available as sticks, take advantage of the efficient energy of Antioxidant Malto wherever you are. Light, easy to carry and insensitive to humidity, the sticks are practical and fast to dilute. In some minutes, they permit to prepare your energy stock Antioxidant Malto in your 1.5L bottle. 1 box contains 20 sticks of 25g.

    Directions for use: On the 3 days before an event: dilute every day 6 sticks of Antioxidant Malto in 1.5L of water, and drink regularly throughout the day. As Antioxidant Malto does not contain preservative agents, the prepared fluid should be drunk on the same day.

    Ingredients: maltodextrins, fructose, dehydrated glucose syrup, flavourings (depending on flavours), tea extract 0.5% (for peach tea flavour), tricalcium phosphate, magnesium carbonate, powdered lemon juice (concentrated lemon juice (dry extract 40%), maltodextrine) (for lemon-lime, red fruits and citrus fruit cocktail), sodium chloride, powdered acerola juice (concentrated acerola juice (dry extract 50%), maltodextrin), calcium and zinc gluconate, vitamins C, B1 (thiamin) and B6. Made in a factory that uses: cereals containing gluten, nuts, milk, soya, egg, celery, sulphites. (1) for red fruits flavour.

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