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  • AMMO Natural Energy Gel provides energy for athletes using natural ingredients. like dried banana sugar coconut sugar sea ​​salt flower and chia seeds Gives a natural delicious taste no synthetic flavours.

    ✅ No preservatives

    ✅ No synthetic flavouring additives

    ✅ Do not use Maltodextrin

    ✅ No added caffeine


    AMMO natural ingredients

    1. Solar Dried Banana Syrup

    Dried bananas are extracted from the starch by natural enzymes. Leaving only sugar in the form of fast-absorbing carbohydrates provide instant energy Helps the body quickly recover from fatigue. and also rich in potassium and magnesium One pack is equivalent to two bananas.

    2. Coconut Sugar (Coconut Nectar Crystal)

    From real coconut flowers without adding other sugars by boiling until it crystallizes It is a source of energy that is absorbed regularly and continuously, rich in sodium, potassium and magnesium. Replace the loss of mineral salt from sweating. Gives a mellow sweet taste, not so sweet.

    3. Milled Chia Seeds

    Regarded as a superfood, chia seeds are packed with omega-3s and amino acids, helping to maintain hydration levels in the body and regulate sugar absorption. It has jelly-like properties, making it smooth and easy to swallow. Chia seeds are considered one of the staple foods of the Tarahumara, a mountain tribe in Mexico. who has a special ability to run up and down hills for long distances

    4. Sea salt flower (Fleur de Sel or Sea Salt),

    The top surface layer that crystallizes clean and pure in salt fields. Composed of many minerals Especially sodium chloride that is essential to athletes. Help restore water balance and add natural minerals to the body. when sweating during exercise.


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