Amazfit AirRun - Compact Foldable Treadmill

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  • A Zwift Compatible Treadmill Perfect For a Home-Gym 

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    Enjoy The Stability and Openness of Outdoor Running, Indoors

    Compared to some home treadmills on the market, which include the edge in the width size of the treadmill, Amazfit AirRun has a 500mm pure running belt width close to the commercial treadmills, and a 1300mm running belt length and is supplemented by a sunken motor design. With its wider running space you can enjoy  the stability and openness of outdoor running at home!

    The anti-slip and wear-resistant diamond-pattern running belt and soft rubber edge strips provide users with more comfortable footfall and higher safety.

    Fold Down And Reclaim 80% of Your Space in 5 Seconds*

    The button behind the handrails makes setup and packing a breeze. When you’re done running, you can easily  fold it and reclaim 80% of its in-use area.

    Built-In Surround Sound JBL Speakers And Phone Mount

    Two built-in JBL full-range speakers featuring fast transient response and ultra-low distortion, provide users a superior sound. Without wearing headphones, you can enjoy advanced sound quality, and use music to energise your workout. The Amazfit treadmill also features a phone mount so that you can stay entertained when attempting feats of treadmill endurance.

    Safety Features

    Emergency stop cord
    Emergency stop cord
    Sudden slow button
    Quick-stop button
    Anti-slip padding
    Anti-slip rubber belt

    Details, details


    • LED Segment Display


    • About 63KG

    Speed range

    • 1.0-15km/h

    Continuous horsepower

    • 1.25HP

    Rated voltage

    • 220v

    Heart rate monitor display

    • Simultaneously displays heart rate data from external devices


    • 2 x JBL custom full range speakers

    Load limit

    • 100kg


    • Dimensions: 1590 x 810 x 1250mm
    • Folded size: 1590 x 810 x 245mm
    • Running belt size: 1300 x 500mm


    • Limited 1-year warranty


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