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Active Compression RS004 Digital Controller - 'BLACK MAX'

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  • Active Compression Therapy for Athletes

    Recovery Systems “Black Max” RS004 is Active Compression Therapy for Athletes and Home Healthcare. 


    Fresher, Faster, Better - 

    “Black Max” works by increasing circulation, accelerates removal of metabolic waste and speeds up muscle repair from training and competition far faster than rest or massage alone. 

    Train, Recover, Improve - 

    Testimonials from Athletes have reported faster recovery and faster improvement gains. (Testimonials on
    The technology was first developed for use in hospitals and is now available for home use at an affordable price and is the MVP for Recovery of many athletes including Cyclists, Triathletes, Runners, Cross-fitters. 

    “Black Max” RS004 Features

    • 3 recovery modes: A - Peristaltic,  B - Sequential, C - Massage.  (see graphic below)
    • 10, 20, 30 minute timer
    • Variable pressure up to 250 mmhg
    • Cuff sizes S, M, XL (Medium fits 150cm to 185cm tall), comes with Medium as the standard unless otherwise specified.
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