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Orange Mud Paracord Bracelet with Whistle

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  • The Orange Mud paracord bracelet with safety whistle is perfect to clip onto a pack or on your wrist. Overall length is 8" and the cord stretches out to a 7' length. Having an audible backup plan with a safety whistle is a good move for any outdoor activity. 

    • For sizing, wrap a string or tape measure around your wrist to gauge appropriately. If 8" or smaller, you're good. If bigger, clip it on your pack! 
    • Approximately one foot of paracord per one inch of bracelet, unravels quickly and easily for use.
    • Paracord has a 550-pound test break strength and is rot and mildew resistant.
    • Paracord inner strands can be removed for use as fishing line, sewing thread, and much more.
    • Paracord outer shell can be used for shoe laces, handle grips, secure ties, repairs, and more.
    • Perfect for running, camping, hiking gear, emergency survival kits, etc.
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