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  • Long Distance Hydrixir


    • High-performance sports drink
    • Contributes to normal muscle function
    • Non acidic (neutral ph, no digestive troubles)
    • Calcium, magnesium, vitamins C and B6
    • Naturally gluten-free

    Take advantage of the efficient energy of Antioxidant Hydrixirwherever you are.

    Light, easy to carry and insensitive to humidity, the sticks are practical and fast to dilute.

    Refill your drinking bottle or your hydration pack with Antioxidant Hydrixir in an instant.

    The Antioxidant Hydrixir is naturally gluten-free.




    Directions for use: Pour the contents of the stick into your bottle. Dilute in still water and shake vigorously. Drink 50 to 100 ml regularly as from the start of effort. As Antioxidant Hydrixir does not contain preservative agents, the prepared fluid should be drunk on the same day.



    Ingredients: dextrose, dehydrated glucose syrup, flavourings (depending on flavours), tea extract 1% (for tea-peach flavour), tricalcium phosphate, magnesium carbonate, sodium chloride, powdered acerola juice (natural extract, maltodextrin, natural vitamin C), calcium and zinc gluconates, vitamins C, B1 (thiamin) and B6. Made in a factory which uses: nuts, milk, soya, egg, celery, sulphites. In accordance with regulations, this product contains less than 20 mg/kg of gluten.



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