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Orange Mud Gear Vest 2.0

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  • The Orange Mud Gear Vest Version 2.0 has a new front chest harness that is about 1.5" longer, added a dual sternum slider, and added front trash pockets. The new slider gives more adjustability with ease, and the longer chest pockets mean any size flask up to 600ml will fit great, plus sized phones are super secure, and there is plenty of room for gear.

    Who is this for?

    Runners, riders, hikers, paddlers, skiers and more. During any sport the Gear Vest is extremely stable to torsional, up and down, and fast movements. It tracks with your body and is very comfortable to wear. Storage up front is designed around 600ml soft flasks (note that the new 450ml soft flasks are taller and don't fit as well), gloves, nutrition, or big smart phones. The rear bladder compartment can hold some extra gear around the bladder, but is focused on speed and breathability. So not a lot of storage there. The shock cord on the back works great for holding a jacket or light layer. It's loaded with fun features that provide quick accessibility to gear on your chest, shoulders, and back.

    • Weight without bladder: 8.9oz
    • Bladder size: 1L (35oz) included
    • Made in: Vietnam
    • Sport focus: Trail and ultra-running, Mountain Biking, Hiking, SUP, Hiking, Skiing
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