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According to industry research, three in five people (!) are wearing the wrong shoe size.This is not so surprising, when you consider that the shoe industry relies almost entirely on length and width (at one spot) to fit customers into shoes, and that literally everyone's foot is a different size and shape. You would not believe (or maybe you would!) how many people come into the store and tell us, "My size is XX," then when we investigate further, we find out it is not, in fact XX.To help solve the sizing problem, we've acquired a 3D foot scanner. It's...

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Everyone likes a good deal. But sometimes, a “good deal” turns out to be “too good to be true”. We heard a story recently about someone in Singapore who found himself “a good deal” on Tailwind Nutrition, via Qoolmart, an online marketplace that is notorious for advertising super-low prices, but often holds very little stock, which results in either months-long delivery times or eventual cancellation by the seller. Why would Qoolmart do this? The super-low prices attract bargain hunters who enter their details into their database, from which they can then be bombarded with marketing offers for the products the...

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Now that self-collection is an option again, we have changed the SELF-COLLECTION check-out procedure on our website. It's (still) very simple, but as new processes deserve an explanation, so here goes:   1. When you get to the "Delivery Method" screen, you have two choices. The default is "Ship", and nothing has changed there; free local shipping on orders $100 and above, etc. Fill out your details and click "Continue to shipping".   2. But there is also a "Pick-up" tab. If you would like to self-collect, click there and you will see a "Continue to payment" button that will...

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Whether you're stuck at home serving a quarantine, stay home notice, leave of absence or are cutting non-essential social interaction we're here to help. Here's a list of free endurance sports, outdoor and adventure content, covering everything from trail running to open water swimming.

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Hi everyone,  In light of the current COVID-19 situation, you may be aware that we have closed our physical store till April 30th. To provide more flexibility for our customers, we are allowing self-collections during limited hours. However, we are committed to maintaining the safety of our staff and customers and we hope you’ll cooperate by adhering to the following self-collection conditions. If you have selected self-collection for your order, please note the following: Self-Collection is only available between 11am and 5pm an WEEKDAYS. We will not be open on weekends. Please call the store at 6966 0957 (Zul or...

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