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Give or take a degree or two, your core body temperature should be around 37°C. If it climbs (or drops) just a few degrees, you’re in trouble. Exercise in hot conditions triggers a number of bodily reactions – the most important are increased blood flow to the skin (you may have returned home with a red face after a run) and sweating (you’ve certainly returned home sweating!). Sweating is the fastest and most effective way for your body to rid itself of heat, but sweat must evaporate to have any beneficial effect. In high humidity (found nearly all the time...

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Hi everyone, I hope you and your family are healthy and safe and coping well with the inconvenience and anxiety of this global pandemic.  As many of you know, founding Red Dot Running Company for me was much less about starting a business than building a community. Almost 3 years in, we’ve done that beyond my wildest expectations, supporting athletes of every description in their pursuit of epic goals, organising events, and bringing together people from all corners of our Little Red Dot (and beyond!) who love endurance sport, the great outdoors, and oh, yes, suffering! At Red Dot Running...

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