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I have owned several pairs of "serious" hiking boots in my life, but I have used them only a couple of times. I have never climbed Mount Everest, never climbed a mountain using ropes, and when traveling, I have always balked at trying to find space in my bag for an Alps-ready pair of clodhoppers. What do I wear, then, in the mountains, when I'm hiking? Running shoes. And probably you should also. Here's why: Do you really need all that ankle support? You probably don't; your chances are much greater of developing blisters on day 1 of your trek...

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At Red Dot Running Company we see a lot of feet. We also see a lot of people tying their shoes when they're trying on a new pair, and if you care about how your shoe fits, you may need to (re)learn how to tie your shoes. No, we're not talking about the first rule of running, especially in races, which is "Double knot!"   We're talking about not tying your shoes like a kindergartner. Not yanking the laces tight so the top of the lacing web is tight and the middle and bottom are ... however they came from...

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