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The holidays are here - we’ll help you give joy with our staff picks for the active athlete in your life. Or you 😉

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We've written about caffeine before ("Caffeine and Athletic Performance: Experiment to Find Out What Works for You"), and sports science writer Alex Hutchinson recently reported on a study published last year in "Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise" by a team from six Brazilian universities working with David Bishop of Australia’s Victoria University that concluded caffeine *does* work as a performance-enhancer. Cyclists studied by the researchers lasted 14 percent longer when they got real caffeine (5 minutes and 55 seconds) rather than a placebo (5 minutes and 14 seconds). Hutchinson noted that the new study delivered similar results to...

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One of our Elite Ambassadors, Ian Deeth, will run his debut marathon in the Gold Coast, Queensland on 2 July. In his last article, Ian reported on his adventures at the Spartan Elite Super obstacle race in Sarawak; this week he talks about overcoming other obstacles to reaching a fitness goal, as well as his final preparations for his first attempt at the 26.2 miles distance. As I write this post, there are just under three weeks before I tackle my debut marathon. In preparation, I committed to a 28-week programme, and for the first 17 weeks, my training had...

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Buzz Burrell is the co-founder of Fastest Known Time, and was manager of the La Sportiva Mountain Running Team. He's American, though, which he thinks put him at a disadvantage when it came to learning to use trekking poles for running. Europeans, he writes, "come from a mountain culture, ski in the winter and climb, while many of us [from the United States ... and Asia!] come from road or track backgrounds and are learning how to run in the mountains—and how to use trekking poles." Here Buzz offers a terrific and concise guide to using poles, deciding when to...

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You may have noticed that we recently got something new in the shop: Untapped maple syrup energy gels and waffles. Untapped is a sports nutrition company founded by a handful of professional athletes (cyclists and skiers) who live in Vermont, in the northeastern United States, which is maple syrup country. Living in Vermont, the Untapped founders had plenty of access to maple syrup, and as athletes, they started to wonder about its benefits in supporting athletic performance. So they investigated, and guess what? It turns out that maple syrup has many naturally occurring micro- and macro-nutrients that your body requires...

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