Check Out Our New 3D Foot Scanner!

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Check Out Our New 3D Foot Scanner!

According to industry research, three in five people (!) are wearing the wrong shoe size.

This is not so surprising, when you consider that the shoe industry relies almost entirely on length and width (at one spot) to fit customers into shoes, and that literally everyone's foot is a different size and shape. You would not believe (or maybe you would!) how many people come into the store and tell us, "My size is XX," then when we investigate further, we find out it is not, in fact XX.

To help solve the sizing problem, we've acquired a 3D foot scanner.

It's super-cool technology that records a 3-dimensional image of your feet within seconds, and allows us – and you – to see not only length and width, but also volume (How tall are your arches? How wide are your heels? What's going on with that bunion?), to better recommend to you the shoe type (some brands are better suited to certain foot shapes) and size that will fit you best.

So, the next time you're in the shop looking for a pair of shoes, hop on our new scanner and check it out. We'll talk you through the images (and email them to you so you can use them in the future) and we'll be very happy to talk with you about the shoes you've been wearing, the shoes you may be considering, and what shoes are likely to work best for you, depending on your fitness goals.

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